There are basically two ways to restore a Coffee Machine.

1. Restore the machine so that it looks as it did when it came from the factory brand new.

2. Restore the machine acknowledging that it is old. The aim here is to end up with a machine which looks used and shows it’s age but is in really good, safely usable, condition. With this style of restoration it is possible to alter aspects of the machine.

With both ways the coffee machine is upgraded with new safety valve, pressurestat, new wiring etc as needed.

Once the decision on the type of restoration is made we can start.

First, the coffee machine is completely stripped.

Every bolt, screw and nut is removed. Many times these are so rusted in place that they must be drilled out.

Gaggia 3 group boiler end plateEvery bolt and stud in this photo broke and had to be drilled and retapped 🙁

Many times there is some rust in the frame of an older machine so a decision must be made whether it is bad enough that welding is required. If so, off to Ian and Ricky ( the welders ). After that, or if no welding is needed, the frame and any  other parts which need repainting go off to professional paint strippers. After stripping back to bare metal the parts are usually then powder coated. If a customer requires custom colours then the coffee machine can be spray painted.

All stainless and chrome plated parts are evaluated for scratches and wear and if needed they are either polished or replated.

Gaskets and seals are still available for many old coffee machines, but if not, they must be custom manufactured – the same with elements etc.

The boiler and all piping are descaled in an acid bath.

Note that we always replace mercury pressurestats with modern Sirai units. ( We retain the old mercury one in case the lucky new owner is a stickler for authenticity ) Old wiring is replaced as well. Boilers and all pipework are thoroughly descaled.

On reassembly we use stainless steel studs for the boiler end plate to avoid future problems. ( see picture above )

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