Faema E61 2 Group Coffee Machine – Early Sixties – Sold


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A machine bought from Italy about 10 years ago by me and Don. When bought it was not in very good condition, so was stripped completely and then ignored for some years.

I began the restoration a couple of years ago, but ran out of time, so I handed it off to Don to finish, which he has now done.

Mechanically it is like new and makes really great coffee and is very striking.

I am including Don’s description below.

For sale is our big beautiful Faema E61 two-banger. I was going to sell the Lambro and keep the ’61 but when wife found out all hell broke loose. 

These Groupheads are the ones that have pre infusion.. . 

We bought this machine from Italy about ten years ago and at the time it was a basket case. Literally. Lots of baskets.

We finally got sick of looking at it and finished an on again off again restoration about 8 months ago. From the frame up everything was either,

  • Descaled,
  • Rebuilt,
  • Re-polished,
  • Re-chromed,
  • Re-wired,
  • New electric element,
  • New Sirai Pressurestat,
  • New Pressure gauges,
  • New seals everywhere .
  • The little bakelite knobs on the front I had to get from the Netherlands along with new glass panel fixing screws. The price made my eyes bleed.
  • New portafilters and new handles.
  • New rear glass from Italy and new decals.
  • New low voltage LED lighting.
  • New cup shroud but it has a little crack about two centimeters long. If it worries anyone we can get a new one at about half the price of available Australian stock.
  • It had a replacement stainless steel boiler sometime after 1966.
  • Custom laser cut cup tray.
  • All new Group head internal components.

I have run this machine mostly 24/7 for 8 months no problem. It has a manual fill which hasn’t been an issue and I can’t remember the last time I had to top the boiler up. Probably done about four coffees a day. I love it so much I haven’t used the Decent for 6 months.

Always run through a Bombora anti scale filter and cleaned regularly. Requires 15 amp power and plumbing in. No gas architecture.

My wife’s parrot likes to sit on top in the morning to warm his bum but has never pooped on it.

Includes motor and pump.

On-board on/off switch which is really handy.

What else? Will supply a couple of spare grouphead gaskets. 
Has to go.

Pick-up only unless buyer wishes to arrange packing and freight at their expense.

Let me know what you think! It really is a gorgeous thing.

Located at the top of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, or can be picked up in North Melbourne.

Please note! this is a 50 plus year old machine. Our intention was to avoid a concourse, as new resto hence it still has that marvellous age patina including a few scratches and marks. it does however work as intended.