Olympia Cremina Home Lever

Amongst enthusiasts the Cremina is acknowledged as the “Roll Royce” of home coffee machines. It is essentially hand made in Switzerland and the design has been honed  over the years so that by just unscrewing one nut the owner can expose the complete inside of the machine for service. Because there is no spring in the lever mechanism it is a very simple job to replace the piston seals when needed.

7 thoughts on “Olympia Cremina Home Lever

  1. So how much for this one?

  2. Keep in mind that these are really rare worldwide. In the last 5 years I’ve only seen 3 for sale in Australia and I bought 2 of those.
    $1800 AUD
    Or you could buy a new one.

  3. Hi John,

    Could I fit one of these on my narrow 400mm of bench?
    When I grow up this one will be on the very top of my list.
    But at Stg£2,004.71 new? mine is going to need to be a “fixer upper” and until then I would request visiting rights.


    1. Will easily fit. but because they are so rare secondhand the prices are still up there. See my reply to Phillip. Visiting rights are always in place.

  4. Hi there again,

    With the Cremina, is in complete working order and still available, and is the price still at $1800.

    Great restorative work on the machines, by the way!



    PS Freight to Armidale?

    1. Hi again.
      The Cremina is in perfect order – it made my coffee over the weekend and, yes, the price is $1800.
      It also has my modification to fit an anti vac valve.
      Thanks I’m glad you like them.
      Australia Post regular parcel to Armidale would be less than $30

  5. Thanks for the mention. The only reason I discovered your site was the traffic coming in from the above link. I’m a New Zealander based in London since 1998 and run Londinium Espresso in London – The UK distributor of Olympia. If you or indeed anyone in Australia or New Zealand need support with Olympia parts, etc feel free to get in touch.

    Reiss (from London)

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