SOLD – Macap M4 Grinder

My home grinder for the past 4 years. It has the shorter hopper to fit under lower cabinets. It’s in top condition and is one of the best home grinders on the market. Dark grey/silver in colour. The only reason it’s for sale is I’ve replaced it with —- the same grinder in chrome finish. […]

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Gaggia D90 2 Group Lever – Sold

Owned by my friend Don, and currently for sale. A very handsome looking machine in truly excellent condition. Probably built in the early 1980’s, with all the solidity and reliability these older Gaggias are famed for. It has new group head and steam valve seals, has been professionally descaled and is ready to make beautiful […]

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Elektra MicroCasa Leva 1983

Elektra MicroCasa Leva 1983

In continuous production since the early 1960’s, another classic small home machine. When acquired it was in very poor condition cosmetically. A previous owner had tried to clean the brass plated areas with something very abrasive and the plating was completely worn away in places. The photo on the left  shows the finished machine.

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Olympia Cremina Home Lever

Amongst enthusiasts the Cremina is acknowledged as the “Roll Royce” of home coffee machines. It is essentially hand made in Switzerland and the design has been honed  over the years so that by just unscrewing one nut the owner can expose the complete inside of the machine for service. Because there is no spring in […]

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Faema E61 2 Group

Faema E61 2 group 1966

The coffee machine as received from Italy. It arrived in great condition, with the only shipping damage being the top of the cup tray cowl being broken. It was dirty, as you can see from the photograph, but not a single dent on the body panels 🙂

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